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Manufactured by MZPO "Dobry Zhar"

A "Atlant" moonshiner maintains stable operation during distillation by itself. The design features of the column allow to refuse manual adjustment of water flow and heating power. "Atlant" is equipped with a powerful cooling system, a diopter and a sampling unit for complete control over the work of the column. The unique distillation cube is well thought out to the smallest detail: a tap for draining bard, outlet under the heating element, a spherical lid with a pressure relief valve, rubberized handles and reliable fasteners. If you are looking for a universal distillery, capable of working in a mode of simple distillation of raw spirit, in a mode of rectification and at the same time to aromatize moonshine, then you have found it.

The sampling unit allows you to avoid manipulating the fine-tuning of temperature and water flow rate. Set a constant heating level, adjust the water entering the cooling system, and watch the process. The unit is designed to separate the "heads" and "tails" of moonshine, characterized by low boiling point and separated from the main product by means of fractional distillation. 

A viewing diopter is necessary to control the processes inside the distillation unit. The diopter is installed either on the distillation cube to prevent foam from entering the column or between the still and the deflagmator. The bubbling in the diopter, located under the dephlegmator, signals the violation of heat and mass exchange.

The "Atlant" moonshiner works in six modes:

Pot-still mode for super-fast distillation of raw alcohol at a rate of up to 12 l/hour. In this mode it is not necessary to select "heads" and "tails".

The moonshiner mode for distillation of stills with maximum preservation of aroma of initial raw material (without tap changer).

The moonshine device mode with strengthening for distillation of raw spirit into a final product with a high degree of purification.

Alcohol rectification mode to obtain pure alcohol of 96.6% strength.

Aromatization mode to give the drink a special flavor and aroma right during distillation.

Brewing mode.

Ferromagnetic bottom allows to install the still on any type of heating surface: electric, glass ceramic, gas and induction. The distillation cube is equipped with an outlet for the heating element. If the height of the kitchen hood prevents you to install the equipment on the stove, you can remove the sealed plug and install a tubular electric heater. 

The length of the tsarga - 50 centimeters. This is the optimal length to get a distillate of 100% purity, without compromising the speed of distillation. The height is big enough for the installation of 4 tap changers, which ensures the height of the column's separation capacity. The regular Panchenkov wire nozzle is made of copper. Copper neutralizes the sulfur compounds released when heating fruit and grain brews and causing an unpleasant distillate odor.

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