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We have taken the best of all moonshiners and combined it in a new multifunctional moonshiner "Titan". Rugged and easy to handle it is designed for creativity. With it you can make aromatic apple Calvados, classic English gin and legendary absinthe. The three-stage refrigeration system, plate column and extraction unit are a fantastic set-up for clean, strong and flavorful drinks. Experiment with ingredients, create author's drinks and be sure of the quality of the product.

The distillation cube is fully sealed, the lid fits snugly on the neck and is firmly secured with a clamping clamp. The tank is equipped with a valve to release excessive pressure that occurs in case of improper operation of the distiller. The speed of distillation can be controlled by adjusting the heating power. Two ways of heating the brew: by means of a heating element or any heating surface (gas, electric, induction). Ferromagnetic bottom heats evenly, providing rapid heating of the broth.

Plate column allows to clean the distillate from heavy fractions and keep the taste and aroma of the starting material while making whiskey, gin, absinthe and other flavored alcoholic beverages. The column can work within a wide power range, which ensures stability in the distillation process.

The extraction unit allows you to get a pure product without manipulating the fine-tuning of temperature and water flow rate. This simplifies fraction extraction and speeds up the moonshining process. Set a constant heating level, adjust the water flowing into the cooling system, and watch the process unfold.

The cooling system of the "Titan" distillery consists of a shell-and-tube refrigerator and a deflegmator, and a mini-cooler with a diameter of 12 millimeters. The aftercooler is connected to the extraction unit for cooling of the dripping distillate. This is necessary to obtain distillate with a temperature below 25°c. Three-stage cooling system is necessary to obtain the maximum 96.6% strength of the product.

Samogonny apparatus "Titan" works in six modes:

Bragging mode.

Pot-still mode for super-fast distillation of raw alcohol at the speed up to 10 l/hour. In this mode it is not necessary to select "heads" and "tails".

Classic distillation mode to get a distillate with maximum preservation of aroma of raw material.

Alcohol rectification mode for 96,6% pure spirit.

Strengthening mode to obtain a distillate of more than 90% alcoholic strength.

Aromatization mode to give the drink a special flavor and aroma right during the distillation.

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