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One of the top products in our line, it is designed not only for classical distillation at up to 9 liters per hour, but also for rectification - obtaining pure ethyl alcohol with an alcoholic strength of 96.6%. The apparatus is ideal for making drinks of different strengths: from liqueurs to absinthe. "Lux" will suit you if you appreciate high-quality alcohol and want to make it with your own hands. It will perfectly fit in the kitchen of any size and will serve you for many years.

A needle valve inside the selection unit helps to make a drop selection of "heads" (light fractions). This device significantly improves the quality of the final drink and allows you to get a soft product.

The most important advantage of the Deluxe model is its design! In a refrigerator and a deflegmator 9 tubes are established on 10 mm in diameter this design allows to cope with heating capacity to 6 kW and give out in a mode Potstill up to 10 liters per hour

The famous boiler Luxstahl is completely updated and improved for the needs of distillers in our production, a tap is installed to drain the bard, welded output under the heater 2 inch with a plug and a clamp, also was stamped rigidity rib to give the cube more strength and the possibility of installing a false bottom for the preparation of grain and fruit distillates and maceration possibility during the third distillation!

Instead of a standard cap we made a cone cap, which gives additional space for settling heavy vapors with a lot of impurities and also prevents foam from getting into the column, so you get crystal clear home brew. On the lid there is a valve to release excess pressure, which occurs in case of improper use of the distillery, and an electronic temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the brew. The 2-inch diameter valve connection is designed to extend the basic configuration of the still. The lid is securely fastened to the distillation cube with an airtight clamp that prevents excess odors from escaping.

Four copper regular Panchenkov wire nozzles (RPN) are installed in the distillation tower of the Lux apparatus, contributing to additional purification of the distillate. Copper is more valuable than its stainless wire counterpart. It neutralizes the sulfur compounds that are released from the brew when heated and cause an unpleasant odor distillate especially works well when you do grain and fruit distillates.

Lux is the multi-functional column in this model provides all modes of distillation and rectification!

Potstill - super fast distillation of a brew into a raw spirit for this it is necessary to establish on a cube only two take-offs and the refrigerator if allows capacity of heating you can unite the refrigerator with a dephlegmator

The mode of classical distillation you install in series a column, a dephlegmator, off takes and a refrigerator and work as on a usual column

Strengthening mode with selection node - in a standard complete set the device gives the chance to receive an alcohol of 95 degrees if in addition to buy a tower you receive a high-grade rectification column by means of which it will be possible to receive an alcohol 96,6

Fermentation mode - with a luxury distillation cube you can put the broth directly in the vessel, for this you need to install a clamp in the cone cover of the hydroseal.

Straight maceration mode - make aromatic distillates at once without infusing for weeks after distillation for this you need to fill the distillate up to the false bottom and put on it aromatic ingredients such as citrus zest, apples, berries, coffee, cinnamon and so on

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