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The SQL Essential course is a video course for beginner developers to learn the concepts of writing programs using SQL Server 2012. In this course, you will review the principles of database design, learn how to create queries and optimize them. These video lessons will be useful not only for a novice developer, but also for a programmer with experience, as the course videos cover not only the basics, but also topics related to query optimization and database design. 

At the end of the course you will be able to create databases, write queries and understand the principles of SQL Server.

1. Introduction to SQL 0:59:17

2. Queries. Data manipulation. 0:55:28

DDL basics 1:27:42

4. DB design 0:41:32

5. JOIN Command 0:38:29

6. Nested queries 0:59:18

7. Indexing 0:55:11

8. Stored procedures. User's functions 1:24:53

9. Transactions. Triggers 0:49:13

At this lesson on SQL you will receive necessary knowledge of databases - get acquainted with terminology, learn how SQL server works and its architecture. At the lesson you will learn about the software environment SQL Management Studio, in which you will work throughout the next lessons. You will learn the rules of constructing queries and study the types of data used in SQL Server. After this lesson, you will be able to create a database with several tables, define the contents of the tables by specifying data types and column names, and create simple SQL queries to get data from the tables.

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