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Reliable distiller, which not only produces craft drinks of excellent quality, but also flavors the product directly during distillation, which allows its versatile and reliable assembly. Buy moonshine machine "Ray" with delivery from the manufacturer at a bargain price you can in the official online store "Good Heat".
The highest degree of purification:
The main advantage of the moonshine apparatus "Beam" is three collapsible dry vaporizers. They effectively clean the distillate from distillate residue, which can spoil the taste of the final product and have a deleterious effect on the human body. In addition, evaporators flavor the alcohol and save time on infusion. You just need to put in the container collapsible evaporator (can) any components: peppermint, grapefruit peels, coriander, cumin and more to your taste!

Safety and simplicity:
The multifunctional lid is equipped with a valve to release excess pressure that occurs in case of improper operation of the distillery. The 2-inch diameter valve connection is designed to extend the basic equipment of the apparatus. The lid is securely attached to the distillation cube with an airtight clamp that prevents excess odors from escaping.

Versatility of use:
The ferromagnetic bottom allows the distillation cube to be used on any heating surface: electric, glass ceramic, gas and induction. The tank can also be used as a fermentation tank by installing a water trap in the lid.

Removable heating element:
Buying a model assembled with an electric heating element and power regulator, you can conduct distillation by setting it directly on the floor, which is a significant plus for those who can not put the device on the stove, because it is prevented by the hood.

Reliability in operation:
All moonshiners are made under our strict control from AISI 304/430 food grade stainless steel. This steel grade is distinguished by its strength and durability, and is confirmed by a quality guarantee and safety certificates.

The set includes a dried vaporizer attachment, the can is purchased separately.

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