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JavaScript is the most popular programming language, knowledge of which is indispensable in web-development and can be used for other tasks. Today, in addition to adding dynamic behavior to HTML pages, JavaScript is used to develop server applications, gaming and mobile applications, as well as to create scripts for test automation and much more. Studying JavaScript is a good investment in the future because the language is useful for various tasks and will be useful to both Frontend or Backend developer and software tester.

This course focuses on learning the major syntactic constructs of JavaScript. You will learn how to work with variables, use conditional and cyclic constructions, arrays and objects. You'll get the knowledge you need to write algorithms and prepare a base after which you can develop your skills in web development or start using JS for other purposes.

What you will learn in this course:

Learn to create basic dynamic content for web pages in JavaScript.

Understand the principles and be able to work with variables and data types.

Work with conditional and cyclic constructions.

Understand the use of arrays and be able to work with methods to process data in arrays.

Use functions (understand and use scopes, context, recursion).

Work with objects.


1. Introduction 0:28:13

2. Code structure 0:21:14

3. Variables and data types 0:38:50

4. Strings and type conversion 0:28:04

5. Operators 0:39:16

6. Conditional if statement 0:44:53

7. Switch and ternary operator 0:22:34

8. Loops 0:48:05

9. Arrays 0:36:57

10. Array Methods 0:28:25

11. Functions. Part 1 0:51:24

12. Functions. Part 2 1:00:54

13. Objects. Part 1 0:35:20

14. Objects. Part 2 0:36:56

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