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Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Easy to learn and accessible language features allow you to use Python in a variety of areas - from creating web applications, continuing to various desktop applications, embedded device applications and ending with the areas of DataSciens, Big Data, etc.

The Python Starter course introduces you to the basic concepts and basics of the Python programming language. You'll learn about different types of data and how to work with them, you'll understand what loops and conditional constructs are, and you'll learn how to handle errors that may occur in your applications.

What you will learn in this course:

Understand basic programming principles and how to apply them to Python.

Understand and be able to use primitive data types and variables.

Work with conditional and cyclic constructions.

Use lists, slices, and dictionaries.

Handle a variety of sets and tuples.

Understand the meaning and be able to use functions in practice.

Catch and handle possible exceptions in program code.

Create scripts that implement simple data processing tasks.


1. Introduction to Python 0:16:31

2. Primitive data types and variables 0:25:37

3. Conditional statements 0:34:21

4. Loops 0:26:37

5. Lists and slices 0:45:00

6. Dictionaries 0:31:41

7. Sets and tuples 0:22:35

8. Functions Part 1 0:19:25

9. Functions part 2 0:37:39

10. Exceptions and their handling 0:23:58

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