Payment is made through the authorization server of the Savings Bank using the Bank cards of the following payment systems:

  • VISA (Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Electron)
  • MasterCard (MasterCard Mass, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum, MasterCard Electronic)
  • MIR

Payment criteria:

  1. Sufficient funds on the card;
  2. The card has not expired;
  3. The limit for 1 card per day for payment is 200,000 rubles
  4. The function of the browser "Pop-up windows" is unlocked (!).

The form of payment on the site Sberbank:


Process To make a payment, you need to enter the following information on the payment page:

  • Bankcard number
  • Enter the sixteen-digit card number without spaces indicated on the front of the card.
  • The name of the owner (Cardholder name) - enter your name and surname in Latin letters. The entry must exactly match the embossed on the map line.
    Example: IVANOV
  • Expire Date - select the expiration date of your card.
    First the digits of the month, then the 4 digits of the year.
  • CVC2 / CVV2 / CID code (on the reverse side) - enter the control code located on the back of the card. The code consists of 3 digits.
    Example: 123

IMPORTANT!! You do not need to enter a PIN from the card! After the data has been entered, click the "Pay" button. Sberbank (sms from number 900) will send a password to your mobile phone. Check the data and write the numbers in the corresponding field PASSWORD: Click the "Send" button.

After some time after payment, the status of the order in the personal cabinet will change - you will receive an e-mail to the corresponding letter.