1. Register as a Vendor.
On any page of our website in the top menu, select "For sellers";
Click the "Register" button;
Fill out the form and mark the "Yes" in the "Register as a supplier" line.
Wait for the approval of your registration (usually 1-2 working days).

2. Fill in the profile.
Log in to your account - in the top menu select the "Personal account" item.
Go to the Profile section and fill in the blank fields on the Details tab. If necessary, upload a picture of the store.
Go to the "Requisites" tab and fill in your payment details (we will transfer the proceeds from sales to these details). Click "Save"

3. Adding goods.
You can add your products in the following ways:
Manual addition.
Use the "Add goods" form (item in the seller's menu; right). Fill in all the fields, add images and click "Save". For some suppliers, the addition of goods can be done without our prior approval.

Mass addition of goods (via file download).
The format and description of the file parameters can be obtained through contacting the support service.
Use the "Add goods" form (item in the seller's menu; right).
4. Payment.
Payout proceeds within 3 working days. To order a payment, please send an application to our support team.
An obligatory condition for payment is the fulfillment of obligations to the buyer - the status of the sale "Delivered."

Any questions you can solve through our support. We work without days off!